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New thermoelectric digital paddle viscometers for asphalt emulsions

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John Morris Scientific introduces the new thermoelectric digital paddle viscometers (TE-DPV) from Cannon Instruments designed to determine viscosity for emulsified asphalts as described in the ASTM D7226 test method. The TE-DPV also meets the ASTM D977 and D2397 specifications.

Previously, asphalt emulsion specifications D977 and D2397 required a Saybolt viscometer. The ASTM specifications were recently revised to include a table that lists the original viscosity specifications in Saybolt Furol Seconds (SFS) as well as a second table that provides viscosity requirements listed in mPa. This allows various departments of transportation and contractors using asphalt emulsions for asphalt preservation as well as asphalt emulsion suppliers to take advantage of Cannon’s DPV test method, which provides a rugged, automated and cost-effective alternative to older labour intensive and less precise instrumentation and methodologies.

Cannon’s new thermoelectric digital paddle viscometers are designed to accurately measure the viscosity of emulsified asphalts, suspensions, marine fuels, residual oils, slurries, paints and similar materials within the 30 to 3,000 mPas range. Results are available in less than 30 minutes at temperatures of 25°C, 40°C, 50°C, 80°C and 100°C with an accuracy of ±5% or better.

Cannon’s new TE-DPV also ensures no cooling water circulation is required while the automated operation eliminates the need for operator supervision once the test has started. A detachable paddle and sample cup make cleaning quick and easy. 

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