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New kinematic viscosity measurement tool from John Morris Scientific

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article image miniAV kinematic viscosity (Kin Vis) measurement tool

The new miniAV from Cannon Instrument Company is a convenient and highly accurate kinematic viscosity (Kin Vis) measurement tool, suitable for every laboratory.

Occupying approximately the same footprint as a tabletop rotational viscometer, the miniAV automates the time-consuming sample measurement and viscometer tube wash/dry procedures associated with the ASTM D445 method, freeing the laboratory technician for other duties.

Total cycle time for a test is approximately 5 minutes, depending on viscosity.

The miniAV available from John Morris Scientific measures flow rates within ±0.001 second by electronically timing the liquid meniscus as it moves between thermistor timing sensors.

Temperatures between 20oC and100 oC can be selected. Dark/opaque liquids can be measured with the same precision as transparent fluids, without the need to change tubes.

Up to four miniAV instruments can be connected to a single PC, making it possible to easily determine viscosity index for a sample.

Data is transmitted to and from the controlling computer via a standard RS-232 serial interface.

Unlike non-traditional bench-top instruments which claim D445 correlation, the miniAV is truly a Kin Vin instrument.

Using a capillary viscometer defined in D446, the miniAV performs equally well on Newtonian materials and fully formulated end products.

The miniAV has been designed as an affordable alternative to traditional labour-intensive manual Kin Vis measurement methods, and provides the first step towards full laboratory automation.

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