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New VIDA petroleum density meters from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific introduces ISL’s new VIDA density meters designed to analyse the density of petroleum products.  

VIDA petroleum density meters combine excellent reliability in density analysis with user-friendly push-button operation to analyse volatile to highly viscous crude oil and petroleum products.  

Featuring an in-built automatic bubble detection system, VIDA density meters eliminate the need for visual checks while also ensuring that reliability is not affected by bubble size or sample opacity.  

Key features of VIDA density meters:  

  • Combines a metallic oscillating U-tube sensor with integrated Pt-100 sensors and Peltier elements 
  • Ensures fast and reliable response to temperature variations as well as accurate temperature control across a wide temperature range of 0ºC to +100ºC 
  • Integrated ultrasonic cleaning device enhances solvent performance by cavitation   
  • Fast and efficient cleaning and drying 
  • Reduces solvents consumption by 40% 
  • Enables easy removal of solute deposits 
  • Provides automatic cell cleanliness check 
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software provides real-time test monitoring, clear test configuration and easy data management 
  • Touch-screen enables intuitive menu navigation, easy test progress follow-up and simple test configuration

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