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MicroSYNTH microwave scale-up system available from John Morris Scientific

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Microwave accelerated synthesis, available from John Morris Scientific , has become an accepted technology across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, fine chemical, biotech, polymers and agrichemical. As a result, there is a growing demand for the ability to scale-up these reactions from grams to kilograms.

Milestone offer MicroSYNTH microwave scale-up system for performing parallel, batch and continuous flow reactions with the same platform. This unique system can be configured to meet the specific needs and can be adapted easily as the needs change in the future.

Following are the functions of MicroSYNTH microwave scale-up system:

  • Method optimisation and parallel processing - Process single or multiple reactions simultaneously under identical conditions, using the existing chemistry.
  • Batch reactions – The MicroSYNTH has a volume of 300ml and can operate at sustained temperatures of 230°C and 30 bar, without any loss of reagents or volatile fractions.
  • Continuous Flow Reactions – The MicroSYNTH allows users to scale-up from millilitres to litres with an adjustable flow rate of 12 ml per minute to 100ml per minute, all the while retaining complete control of all reaction parameters.

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