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Large-volume pipette starter kit

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article image Gilson pipettes -- a safe alternative.

JOHN Morris Scientific is the sole distributor for Gilson pipettes and tips in Australia. Gilson's range of pipette kits includes the large-volume pipette starter kit.

It consists of one P5000 and a P10mL Pipetman; five tips with each pipette; and a pack of 10 filters.

This kit offers a safe alternative to glass pipetting, and is preferred for the transfer of dangerous liquids or hazardous samples.

Typical applications include: reagent preparation, buffer or medium preparation, dilutions in biochemistry, colorimetric tests, cell cultures, and sampling before quality control.

The Gilson pipetting systems have been the recognised standard for accuracy, precision and reliability, regardless of whether technicians are working at 0.1µl or 10mL.

When used with Gilson diamond tips, results are guaranteed to be within published specifications.

The new Pipetman offers additional features such as rapid volume adjustment, easier and smoother adjustability, and an easy-on, easy-off non-slip tip ejector.

Volume settings are clearly displayed, and its durable construction allows it to operate properly even after thousands of applications. Gilson's diamond tips prevent bubbles or splashing, and protect the filter and pipette.

Gilson's pipetting kits can now be ordered online. Simply go to www.johnmorris.com.au/MLH/.

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