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Kern MLS 50-3IR160 moisture analysers available from John Morris Scientific

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Kern’s moisture analysers provide fast and accurate solutions for moisture content, percent solids and dry weight analysis of a range of products and materials. Most models contain halogen quartz glass heaters, which provide continuous and even drying. The MLS 50-3IR160 moisture analyser, available from John Morris Scientific , uses the infrared heating technology, as it reduces the need for replacing halogen bulbs and prevents the overshooting of the set temperature.

Kern offers three types of moisture analysers. The MLB moisture analyser is the basic model. It has LED screen displays temperature, drying percent and drying time. The shutdown criteria can be set to automatic if the results do not alter during three strobe intervals. Strobe intervals can be set from 1 to 59 seconds or manually set according to a set time. The MLB 50-3 moisture analyser heats from 50ºC to 160ºC in 1ºC stages.

The MLS moisture analyser has four heating profiles that include preheating, standard heating, gradual drying and stage drying. It has a memory which can hold up to 99 drying processes. The MLS moisture analyser has the following specifications:

  • MLS 50-3HA160 - Rapid halogen heating from 50ºC to 160ºC
  • MLS 50-3HA250 - Rapid halogen heating from 50ºC to 250ºC
  • MLS 50-3IR160 - Infrared heating for sensitive samples from 50ºC to 160 ºC

The MRS moisture analyser has a weighing range up to 124g. It is used as a quick means of determining the moisture content in powders and liquids by the thermo-gravimetric principle. The MRS 120-3 moisture analyser specification includes the halogen quartz heater of 30ºC up to 230ºC.

Throughout the analysis, the balance displays the current status in accordance with the chosen parameters, keeping the operator up to date on each stage of the process. The analysis automatically terminates either when the drying is complete and the dry weight is stable, or after a fixed time specified by the operator.

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