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John Morris Scientific releases new Hydrogen leak detector

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article image Extrima hydrogen leak detector

John Morris Scientific has released new intrinsically safe Sensistor Extrima hydrogen leak detector designed for use in potentially explosive environments.

The new portable Extrima conforms to EEx ia, IIC T4 according to European ATEX and Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D according to US standards.

The hydrogen leak detector is sensitive and can be used to find leaks as small as 2 x 10 -6 mbar xl/s -comparable to leaks 1,000 times smaller than detectable with traditional soapy water or bubble tests.

Industrial applications include valve, joint, tank and pipe leak detection in petrochemistry, fuel tanks, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen plants and oil rigs.

The Extrima is also the first leak detector to pan the stringent requirements of the aviation industry and can be used for leak testing of complete fuel systems, oxygen supply and fire extinguishing systems, both in production and maintenance.

The recommended trace gas is a low cost standard mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% Nitrogen available from major gas suppliers. This mixture is non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally sound.

The new Extrima is based on modern microelectronics. The Extrima is maintenance free because there are no moving parts such as expensive vacuum pump technology involved.

This light leak detector is designed to withstand industrial environments, is water proof and dust protected (IP 67). The chargeable Lithium Polymer battery provides up to seven hours of operation.

Combined with the auto-range function and audible pitch, the new ergonomically designed hand probe with a built-in leak/no leak LED leak indicator allows for fast homing in on suspected leak areas. The clear display enables exact leak location and quantification.

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