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John Morris Scientific offers Sulfur Express Sulphur Detectors from PAC-Antek

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John Morris Scientific  supplies a new range of sulphur detectors from PAC-Antek designed to deliver results quickly in field applications.    

The new sulphur detector, Sulfur Express uses the ASTM D7620 - 10 standard test method to determine total sulphur quantity in liquid hydrocarbon-based fuels by continuous injection, air oxidation and ultraviolet fluorescence detection.    

Also called 'a laboratory in a box', Sulfur Express sulphur detectors are ideal for mobile laboratories and screening applications in the field where operators don't have time to send their samples back to the laboratory for analysis.  

The portable sulphur detectors offer user-friendly operation: the operator simply fills a syringe from the selected sample and loads it into the automatic sample injector for consistent results in less than 6 minutes.  

The results are displayed in real-time on a linear calibration curve with average and % RSD calculations.  

The test results can also be printed using an in-built printer or transferred to a computer via USB for analysis later. All samples are automatically stamped with the date and time of analysis as well as sample identification.  

Sulfur Express sulphur detectors are suitable for sulphur detection in most combustible products including gasoline, reformulated gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, marine fuel and bio-fuel with no matrix effect.  

Both high and low levels of sulphur can be detected with measurements ranging from 1 to 3000 ppmw depending on the sample type.

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