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John Morris Scientific launches Dual Range Manometer

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John Morris Scientific  has introduced Dual Range Manometer from MKS Instruments.

The Dual Range Manometer offers absolute pressure sensor compatibility with the reactive gases used in Semiconductor manufacturing.

Dual outputs provide accurate, reliable and repeatable pressure measurement and are used for multi-step processes such as CVD, etch and resist strip.

MKS manometers cover the pressure range from 1 to 1000 Torr and the temperature can be controlled to 1000C.

It provides a customer specified second output which is 2, 5 or 10 x lower than the basic full scale range.

Accuracy is 0.25% or reading 0.12% for 45oC controlled units, providing greater resolution over the lower range of the instrument.

The sensors have an integrated sump for particle protection.

The Dual Range Manometer comes in four versions, D24B, with a lowest full scale of 10 Torr and controlled to 45oC; D27B, 1 Torr and 45oC; and D28B, 1 Torr and 100oC.

Relay status is indicated by dual colour LEDs, and relay set points can be used for valve operation, safety interlocks, or pump crossover control.

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