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John Morris Scientific introduces online moisture measurement system for freeze dryers

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John Morris Scientific  has introduced Adixen’s Lyotrack, an online moisture measurement system for freeze dryers.

The Lyotrack is designed to monitor the water vapour concentration under vacuum conditions inside of a freeze dryer.

Previously online monitoring of a freeze-drying process has been done by measuring temperature, pressure and time. With a careful interpretation of these three parameters it is possible to determine the end of the primary and secondary drying phases.

Especially for large production freeze dryers, placing the temperature probes and wiring up the connections throughout the freeze dryer is a laborious task. Results can vary wildly from user to user simply through inconsistent placement of the temperature probe with in the chamber or sample.

Unlike temperature measurements with just a few probes spread throughout the freeze drying chamber, The Lyotrack is able to measure the complete load, independent from quantities or the product location within the freeze dryer.

Lyotrack uses ICP- OES technology (inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectroscopy) to directly measure the water vapor inside the freeze-dryer. Not only does it allow an instant measurement of product moisture levels but it also helps in the determination of process parameters such as the end of primary and secondary drying stages.

Installing the Lyotrack is straight forward. Lyotrack uses a flange connection on the freeze dryer which only involves minor modifications if not yet present. The monitoring software runs off any standard Windows PC.

The Lyotrack has a relevant response to Food & Drug Administration recommendations, including the Process and Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative recommending modern process analysis tools and resources for monitoring and controlling processes & process endpoints.

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