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John Morris Scientific introduces new Flow Ratio Controller

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John Morris Scientific  has introduced new MKS Flow Ratio Controller.

The Delta II measures, divides and controls user-specified ratios of mixed gas flows to multiple zones or chambers for optimum process uniformity and repeatability.

The MKS Flow Ratio Controller features a wider dynamic ratio control range and faster gas flow response for shorter cycle times and increased throughput. Advanced e-diagnostics are accessible through an embedded Ethernet interface.

The Delta II is the second generation of MKS’ industry-leading Delta controllers. The Delta II’s 20:1 dynamic ratio control range is more than double that of its predecessor.

The digital control loop maintains tight ratio control independent of the process gas mix and changes in the input gas flows.

The advanced e-diagnostics permit real-time monitoring of device functionality without removing the controller or breaking the process gas lines, and resulting in increased tool uptime.

E-diagnostics are accessed via a standard web browser that requires no special software. The Delta II’s compact design features fewer components than dual MFC ration control products, significantly reducing critical footprint and I/O costs.

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