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John Morris Scientific Offers Dairy Processing Instruments from Advanced Instruments

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John Morris Scientific  offers a range of dairy processing instruments and equipment from Advanced Instruments.  

At the Worldwide Food Expo 2009, Advanced Instruments showcased a range of dairy processing instruments including the Fluorophos® Test System, 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope and CryoLine™ Consumable Supplies.  

Each of these products offers reliable, accurate, efficient and user-friendly solutions in their respective applications in the dairy industry.  

Fluorophos® Test System

The world’s only 3-minute fluorometric test method with multiple international agency approvals, the Fluorophos® Test System offers a rapid and extremely sensitive fluorometric method that delivers accuracy over a range of ALP levels including low values for milk from cows as well as sheep, water buffalo and goats.  

Benefits of the fluorometric test system include higher precision, reproducibility and a 10-fold improvement in test sensitivity.  

The fluorometric test system can be applied on whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed or flavoured milk.  

The European Union (EU) adopted the Fluorometric Method (ISO Standard 11816-1) as the new standard in assessing the correct pasteurisation of milk in May 2007.  

The system has also been unanimously approved as a full international standard method by The International Dairy Federation (IDF 155), the International Standards Organization, (ISO 11816) and the CEN European Standards Organization.  

Fluorophos® Test System is also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Interstate Milk Shippers and AOAC International.  

The 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope

The 4250 cryoscope is used to test water content in milk and employs the industry-preferred freezing-point method to precisely determine added water quantity.  

The 4250 single-sample cryoscope delivers accurate and reliable results in two minutes with on-board sample identification as well as results in either timed plateau or plateau-seeking mode.  

CryoLine™ Consumable Supplies

CryoLine products are designed specifically to achieve the most accurate results from freezing point cryoscopes.  

These dairy processing instruments are designed to ensure the quality of sample results while meeting or exceeding ISO, HACCP, and QA/QC requirements.  

Traceable materials from CryoLine consumable supplies are used with milk and dairy products to provide stable results as well as assured monitoring and control of the milk supply process and product integrity from farm to finished product.

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