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John Morris Scientific Introduces New Viscometers from Cannon Instrument

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article image MiniPV-HX Viscometer

John Morris Scientific  introduces a new range of viscometers from Cannon Instrument.  

Based on the miniAV viscometer model, the new miniPV-HX viscometers come with added functionality for the measurement of polymer solution viscosity.  

The miniPV-HX is suitable for aggressive acids and solvents commonly used for dilute solution viscosity determination of polymers.  

The miniPV-HX viscometers are integrated with Viscpro II software, which provides the determination of relative viscosity based on accurate flow time measurements to 1/100th of a second made under conditions of temperature control within 1/100th of a degree.  

Reduced and inherent viscosity values can also be reported and the intrinsic viscosity can be determined by one of two single-point methods, or the more rigorous Huggins-Kraemer analysis.  

The software also supports Mark-Houwink-Sakurada parameters and an optional branching factor for reporting polymer molecular weight.  

Key features of miniPV-HX viscometers: 

  • Delivers complete automation including tube filling, cleaning and drying along with automatic flow time measurement and data logging into a standard database format
  • Viscpro II software provides flexible report formatting and versatile data export functionality
  • Available with an integrated auto sampler that allows an entire sequence of samples to be measured without an attending operator
  • 30.5” in height with a benchtop footprint of about 40cm²
  • Modular design also includes a control unit and solvent station that can be stacked to conserve workspace

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