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Hydrogen Leak Detector H2000 from John Morris Scientific

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The new Hydrogen Leak Detector H2000 is a unique instrument for industrial leak detection and tightness control.

Hydrogen Leak Detector H2000 is sensitive and can be used to find leaks as small as 5 x 10-7 mbar x l/s, comparable to leaks 1000 times smaller than detectable with a traditional soupy water or bubble tests.

The inherent characteristics of Hydrogen enable fast, precise and safe leak location and qualification. Hydrogen leak detection is done with a safe 5% Hydrogen in 95% Nitrogen gas mix. Because Hydrogen is quickly transported to the leaks and dissipates much faster than other gases it allows for much quicker testing and re-testing than other gases.

Hydrogen is also a renewable gas, environmentally sound, certified as food additive and much cheaper than other gases for example Helium.

The Adixen Sensistor H2000 is small, robust and suitable for leak detection in tough factory environments. Leaks in wet objects can be detected when the probe is equipped with a protective cover. Background interference is minimised by the dynamic background compensation, with a useful auto-zero function.

The H2000, from John Morris Scientific, is based on modern microelectronics and because there is no expensive vacuum pump technology involved in the detection process the H2000 is virtually maintenance free.

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