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High speed table top microcentrifuge from John Morris Scientific

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The Sigma 1-15, available from John Morris Scientific, is a high-speed, table top microcentrifuge.

The Sigma 1-15 is suitable for sedimentation in microtubes with volumes between 0.2 ml and 2.2 ml and is available in refrigerated/non-refrigerated models.

The Sigma 1-15 has a maximum speed of 14, 000 rpm corresponding 21,918 x g. The refrigerated model has a temperature range between -10°C and + 40°C. A number of different rotor sizes are available to suit diverse requirements.

The Sigma 1-15 has soft-start and soft-stop options. Soft-start enables gentle acceleration and protects sensitive samples. Soft-stop significantly reduces remixing of sediments when stopping the centrifuge.

The Sigma 1-15 microcentrifuge encompasses a brushless drive motor and metal housing for optimal safety and stability.

Applications for the Sigma 1-15 include microbiological research, biochemistry, molecular biology, DNA analysis and all sensitive sedimentations. Compared to other centrifuges within its class, the Sigma 1-15 enables higher capacity to be achieved and great gravitational fields to be reached.

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