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Heidolph’s Synthesis 1 from John Morris Scientific

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Heidolph’s new Synthesis 1 from John Morris Scientific is a modular concept which allows for flexible and highly efficient parallel liquid and solid phase synthesis.

In one run, the Synthesis 1 is capable of performing up to 4 different temperature ramps/profiles, and simultaneously synthesising up to 24 samples with volumes between 8 and 50ml.

The orbital shaking movement is electronically speed controlled between 100 and 1000 rpm. The base unit can be used for solid phase synthesis, liquid phase synthesis and multiple evaporations.

The reaction blocks for solid and liquid phase synthesis as well as the multiple evaporation blocks are interchangeable and can be used with one single base unit.

Parallel synthesis makes it possible to prepare and examine a variety of chemical compounds that are prepared by the same procedure but that differ in the type or arrangement of the underlying synthetic building blocks.

Parallel synthesis enables fast and effective discovery of novel drugs, materials, or catalysts, and optimisation of chemical reactions.

The Synthesis 1 can be configured to meet specific requirements permitting a multitude of applications in the areas of pharma research, development of new molecular materials and in the search for and optimisation of chemical reactions and novel catalysts.

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