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H2S analysers from John Morris Scientific for liquid petroleum products

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Seta Analytics’ new H2S analysers, available from John Morris Scientific are designed for rapid measurement of H2S in liquid petroleum products including residual marine fuels, fuel oils and refinery feedstock components.  

The H2S analysers are suitable for use in industries such as refineries and fuel blending locations, tank storage terminals, marine bunker fuel suppliers, product transfer inspection companies and independent analytical laboratory services.  

Using a combination of heat and agitation, H2S is removed from the test sample and measured using an advanced H2S specific detector system.  

A small volume sample of 1-5ml is dissolved into a specially formulated diluent, which is then heated to release H2S from the sample. Clean air is passed through the test vessel, removing any H2S gases into the sensor chamber where gas levels are measured and airflow through the sensor is monitored.  

Sample analysis is fully automatic, and results are stored at the completion of each test.  

Key advantages of the H2S analysers:  

  • Reduced overhead costs with no need for expensive chemicals or analytical preparation by an expert chemist   
  • Reliable analytical tool supports product quality control and safety to ensure that products meet approved industry standards 
  • Fast determination of H2S and rapid repeat sample measurement assist with product remediation treatment of feedstock component and off-spec products 
  • Capable of measuring specific crude oil and various distillate products 

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