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H-Cube Tutor is a continuous-flow hydrogenation reactor designed solely for educational purposes.

Current undergraduate programs do not include a practical session on hydrogenation due to the safety concerns with handling hydrogen (in balloons or cylinders) and pyrophoric catalysts. However, approximately 5-10% of reactions in the chemical industry are forms of hydrogenation and so it is essential for their future industrial or academic careers that the students gain first hand experience with hydrogenation during university.

The H-Cube Tutor is the advanced version of the ThalesNano H-Cube, which has been available to both academia and industry since 2005 and has rapidly become the standard for hydrogenation, replacing the existing shaker type technologies.

With H-Cube Tutor undergraduates may be taught hydrogenation during a practical lesson safely and effectively.

The combination of utilising catalyst cartridges, hydrogen generated through water electrolysis, and fast results means that practical lessons can be easily planned around the the H-Cube Tutor with chemists of all levels.

Among others the following common reactions may all be demonstrated to students in minutes:

  • Nitro reduction
  • Alkene reduction
  • Alkyne reduction
  • Benzyl deprotection
  • Nitrile reduction

The H-Cube Tutor is not just an educational tool.

The H-Cube Tutor has the same high reactivity as the original H-Cube. Reactions still progress in minutes between scales of 10 mg and 100 g making the reactor suitable for research as well.

John Morris Scientific  is now the exclusive distributor for ThalesNano products within Australia, New Zealand and the Island of the South Western Pacific.

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