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GX-274 ASPEC extraction instrument available from John Morris Scientific

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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a commonly used sample clean up procedure for blood or urine sample screening associated with drug analysis.

SPE generates cleaner extracts to improve detection limits and sensitivity in subsequent chromatographic analysis.

The GX-274 ASPEC is a four-probe instrument capable of unattended, parallel solid phase extraction processing of samples to increase both throughput and the efficiency of SPE cartridge-based applications.

Based on positive pressure elution, this instrument processes up to four samples in a single step with an innovative and proven sealing cap technology, where each cartridge is sealed, run, and monitored individually.

The two 406 dual syringe pumps allow the user to transfer liquids, process up to four samples in parallel, and to monitor pressure on each fluid path individually.

Fundamental to Gilson’s automated SPE system is its mobile rack and positive pressure technology. The mobile rack technology allows you to automate your entire SPE and liquid handling processes from the initial condition to the final transfer.

Gilson’s SPE instrumentation utilises positive pressure to ensure more reproducible flow rates, more reproducible recoveries, less sample to sample contamination, and higher precision.

All of Gilson’s SPE instruments are controlled via Trilution LH software. The graphical interfaces decrease the learning curve while increasing your efficiency.

Trilution LH provides an intuitive interface for creating SPE and liquid handling protocols / applications to condition cartridges, load the sample, wash the cartridge, elute the analyte of interest and transfer the eluent to a final sample vessel.

The GX-274 ASPEC and other Gilson products are available from John Morris Scientific.

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