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Fritsch milling and sieving available from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific  have introduced Fritsch’s range of application-oriented laboratory instruments for fast industrial applications as well as accurate research technology applications in research laboratories.

Fritsch’s Pulverisette mills are suitable for wet and dry milling of hard-tough, fibrous, elastic and soft materials. The Pulverisette can mill samples of several milligrams to several kilograms in various degrees of fineness up to under 1µm. They are dependable, simple to operate and easy to clean. Corresponding grinding parts made of various materials are available and are a good guard against unwanted contamination of samples.

Fritsch laser particle sizers offer laser technology for each particular area of application and utilisation. Fritsch offer patented measuring method by laser diffraction inside the convergent laser beam. The advantage of the method is a simple continuous adjustment of the measuring area as well as up to unknown number of measuring channels.

Fritsch sieve shakers offer a high degree of comfort and precision with automatic amplitude control, programme selection, control and evaluation software, as well as premium sieve stack tensioning. Fritsch sieve shakers are available for sieves of up to 450mm diameter, for dry or wet sieving and micro-precision sieving.

Fritsch sampler divides create the optimum base for a dependable analysis of a representative sample. The combination of three processes ensures an up to date unknown accuracy of division. Variable division ratios and tools permit the adjustment to the diverse tasks with a degree of dividing accuracy.

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