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Fluoroplastic and Fluoroelastomer Tubing

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John Morris Scientific  are proud to offer Cole Parmer’s range of Fluoroplastic and Fluoroelastomer tubing from Hubtron.  

Fluoroplastic tubing is extremely flexible and can bend to a radius as low as 1.5cm without kinking. It is resistant to most acids and bases and is suitable for fluid transfer and chemical processing (not suitable for aggressive organics). Fluroplastic tubing can withstand temperatures up to 100ºC.  

Transparent Fluoroelastomer transparent tubing is available in a range of styles. Basic tubing is suitable for general chemicals, electronics and printing applications. Advance and Pascal tubing are resistant to most solvent, acids, alcohols and esters. They are suitable for corrosive chemicals, electronic, ink , general printing and automotive applications. Pascal tubing is also suitable for general mechanical applications. Fluoroelastomer tubing can withstand temperatures ranging from -10ºC to 120ºC.

Black Opaque Fluoroelastomer tubing features UV blocking and is resistant to most chemicals, acids, alcohols and esters. It is suitable for corrosive chemicals, electronics, ink, printing and general manufacturing applications needing UV protection. Black Fluoroelastomer tubing can withstand temperatures ranging from -5ºC to 120ºC.

Cole Parmer is a complete single source supplier for all laboratory instrumentation and consumables as well as water, industrial and environmental monitoring. Delivery time is usually less than two weeks from date of ordering.

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