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Field Scout EC Meter available from John Morris Scientific

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article image Field Scout Direct Soil EC probe

The new Field Scout Direct Soil EC probe permits direct measurement of salts and conductivity in soil media as well as irrigation water or nutrient solutions.

This portable EC meter and probe is perfect for spot soil salinity testing in greenhouse soil media or turf without conducting tedious soil sampling and soil preparation techniques.

Growers can compare readings from plant to plant and adjust their fertility program.

Measurement can be made directly in the plug tray cell without destroying the seedlings due to an innovative paired sensor for higher contact and accuracy.

In addition the Field Scout EC Meter can check your water quality or nutrient solutions as well as soil temperature by using the same probe.

Furthermore, turf managers can monitor for high salt levels on golf course greens and determine when to flush salts before turf quality declines.

Conductivity (or EC) is the measure of total dissolved salts in a solution -the factor that influences a plants ability to absorb water.

In horticultural applications, monitoring of salinity helps manage the effects of soluble salts on plant growth. EC is a meaningful indicator of water quality, soil salinity and fertiliser concentration.

Spectrum Technologies’ products are being distributed by John Morris Scientific.

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