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FibraStage cell culture system from John Morris Scientific

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New Brunswick Scientific’s innovative FibraStage is an easy-to-use, high density, cell culture system that simplifies the production of proteins, viruses and cell mass.

FibraStage provides unlimited oxygen supply in a low, shear stress culture environment for high density cell culture.

One FibraStage bottle provides space for approximately 4x109 cells to propagate. FibraStage has a speed range between 0 and 2.0 mm/s, enabling users to choose their optimal parameters up/down rate.

FibraStage’s feature is holding time. Users can increase the top-holding time to reduce the aeration level and increase the time for nutrient/waste exchange. Users can increase the bottom-holding time to increase the aeration level and O2 / CO2 exchange rate.

The FibraStage system’s range of applications includes: monoclonal antibody protection; recombinant protein production; virus and vaccine production; seed production for inoculating larger vessels; gene therapy/drug discovery; binding assays; human proteome and; cell therapy and tissue engineering.

FibraStage is ideal for laboratory users who want to obtain high quantities of cells and/or protein products without the complex controls of conventional bioreactor systems.

FibraStage’s pre-sterilised, pre-validated, ready-to-use and disposable design provides researchers with a truly simple tool to help alleviate the tedious work during cell cultivation.

More details are available at John Morris Scientific .

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