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EVAC AG now supplied by John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific  has been appointed as the new distributor for EVAC AG within Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the South West Pacific.  

The Switzerland-based EVAC AG is a world-leading provider of quick-release connections for high-demand vacuum and process technology applications including ultra high vacuum and high pressure hydraulics.  

EVAC AG’s product range includes standard and custom made chain clamps, flanges, fittings, seals and bellows.  

KF Systems  

KF systems are frequently used for rough to high vacuum, up to 10E-9 mbar (100 nPa), or peak pressure up to 20 bar (2 MPa), depending on the flange diameter, seal material, and geometry of the centre ring. While inner centre rings are used for vacuum applications, outer centre rings are used for overpressure. Combinations of both are also available, where both conditions are likely to occur.  

KF connections are available in sizes NW10/16 up to NW50 according to ISO. An additional size, KF NW63 is also available from EVAC with appropriate seals (elastomer, aluminium) and chain clamps.

CeFiX Systems

The next generation of the old Conflat (CF) system, these products allow customers to create an EUHV leakproof connection within seconds, which can carry an overpressure of up to 300 bar (using specially certified chain clamps with TÜV approval).

This is achieved by using very hard nickel seals, easily compressed using the gear-type force-multiplying mechanism of CeFiX chain clamps. With a particle-free area-pressing mechanism, seals can now be re-used up to 10 times since the smooth overlapping areas do not exhibit the leaking deficiencies of the deep CF groove imprints.

Tapered Systems

These systems allow customers to create a leak proof connection within seconds by tightening 1-2 screws. They are available in standard sizes from NW80 up to NW250 although larger sizes up to NW700 are available on request. Flanges are available in stainless steel as well as in glass (Duran, quartz).  

sTeRIc-clamp Systems

These systems provide a gap-free connection for customers who need to meet cleaning in place (CIP) requirements. The seamless transition in between flanges, as well as the special wave design of bellows allow for in-situ brush cleaning of the system without opening and exposing it to outside contamination.  

sTeRIc-clamp connections are available in sizes NW8 up to NW80 as standard.

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