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Cannon certified viscosity standards available for a range of viscosities

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Viscosity is measured in a variety of ways: glass capillary, rotational, viscosity cup, falling ball and many others. Cannon sets the industry benchmark for viscosity standards.

Cannon certified viscosity standards are available for a wide range of viscosities and temperatures, ranging from -55oC to 150oC. A custom standard can be prepared to fulfil your requirements.

All Cannon viscosity standards are traceable to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and are prepared in Cannon’s ISO 9001-registered and A2LA accredited laboratory.

Many viscosity standards supplied by Cannon are hydrocarbon oils. The lower viscosity standards consist of mineral oil base stocks, and the higher viscosity standards are polybutenes (except for N1000, which is a poly-alpha-olefin).

In general, these standards are Newtonian liquids. That is, the viscosity is independent of the shear stress or shear rate.

In Newtonian liquids, the ratio of shear stress to rate of shear is constant at constant temperature. In addition to hydrocarbon standards, Cannon offers silicone standards for calibrating rotational viscometers.

Customers can use Cannon hydrocarbon standards for calibrating their own glass capillary viscometers if the specifications and procedures found in ASTM D 445 and ASTM D446 are strictly followed.

However, rather than calibrating their own instruments for routine viscosity, many laboratories find it less expensive and more convenient to purchase viscometers which have already been calibrated by Cannon.

These viscometers can then be checked regularly in the laboratory using Cannon viscosity standards.

Cannon Instrument Company can now provide Flash Point Reference Materials for calibrating Flash Point Testers.

Six different standards are available for the following ASTM methods: ASTM D 56, ASTM D 92 and ASTM D 93. The data provided for each standard includes the average overall flash point and the standard deviation observed from 20 tests in 10 different laboratories.

Flash Point Standards are sold in 200mL bottles. More details are available at John Morris Scientific .

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