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Automatic isoperibol calorimeter

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article image 6300 oxygen bomb calorimeter.

JOHN Morris Scientific has introduced the 6300 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter from Parr Products.

The isoperibol calorimeter determines the heating value of solid and liquid fuels. It is an evolutionary instrument using proven technology and software.

When designing the 6300, Parr combined the basic fundamentals of calorimetry with mechanical designs and the latest in microprocessor based controls and communications. New features include a touch screen monitor, Ethernet network connectivity, and remote software update capability.

The high speed and high precision of previous models is included, along with the fixed bomb and bucket technology. The instrument is highly automated unlike traditional calorimeters, and includes automatic oxygen filling and bomb washing. The water supply is built-in and it will run on tap water.

The 6300 is capable of performing up to eight tests in an hour, and can exceed the repeatability and reproducibility requirements of all international standard test methods.

Capable of stand-alone operation, the 6300 is adaptable to the user's test methods. It is also compact and requires a minimum of laboratory bench space.

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