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article image Atago’s RX-7000 refractometer.

JOHN Morris Scientific has introduced Atago's new RX-7000 - the latest automatic digital refractometer for rapid precision measurements of temperature; refractive index; Brix; and concentration or custom user scales.

The instrument is suitable for use particularly in oils and fats with a high melting point, higher refractive index perfumes and organic solvents.

A wide range of beverages, sugar liquids, and chemical or industrial solutions are also measured with this new, upgraded instrument.

Features of the RX-7000 include a built-in thermo module for measuring constant temperature; and a manual calibration facility to compensate for differences in standard liquids and measurement values of other refractometers.

Other features include a wide-ranging refractive index (nD) of 1.3250 - 1.7000; Brix range of 0.0 - 95.0%; and controlled measurement temperature within 5 - 70Cº.

The unit can be manually calibrated; it has Flash memory; and is capable of recalling the last 30 measured values. Also, up to 30 user scales can be programmed into the unit.

The RX-7000 can be used in conjunction with the optional DP-62 digital printer.

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