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Atmospheric pressure gas monitor from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific  has offered MKS instruments atmospheric pressure gas monitor, the Cirrus.

The Cirrus system offers quadrupole mass spectrometry in a convenient bench-top configuration.

Cirrus systems are ideal for on-line monitoring and analysis of gases and gas mixtures including trace contaminants in process gases, solvent vapours, hydrocarbons, atmospheric and inorganic gas species (including corrosives), freons and noble gases.

At the centre of every Cirrus system is a precision-built quadrupole analyser incorporating a closed ion source, a triple mass filter and a dual (Faraday and Secondary Electron Multiplier) detector system.

Using a quadrupole analyser enables the monitoring of multiple gases at the same time over a wide dynamic range (from ppb to percentage levels).The automated gas monitoring system can be operated via a single Ethernet interface.

MKS Process Eye software provides application-specific interpretation, control, and alarm functions, and allows correlation with data from other sensors. A silica capillary inlet provides rapid response, while an insert chamber and low-maintenance, automated bake-out and heating capability ensures low background contamination and prevents condensation during measurement.

The Cirrus features web-enabled technology and allows direct access via Ethernet interface for operation via your local network or even the internet.

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