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Anhydrous solvent purification systems from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific  have introduced the Innovative Technologies range of solvent purification systems.

The Pure Solve System eliminates thermal distillation risks associated with heating mantles or hotplates and flammable solvents, the risk of explosion from incorrect sodium storage and handling and the risk of flood with unsupervised, water cooled distillation apparatus.

The Innovative Technology solutions operate by passing room temperature solvent through proprietary activated columns using cylinder Nitrogen as a pressure source. The system effectively removes water and oxygen to produce dry, deoxygenated high-purity solvents on the tap.

Innovative Technologies offer three systems in the Pure-Solve range:

  • The new Pure Solv-Micro system is ideal for researchers with modest requirements for a single anhydrous solvent that can be used as a solvent drying and dispensing station. The Micro is designed for mounting on a bench top, flammable storage cabinet or inside an existing fume hood.
  • The Pure Solv-MD (Multiple Dispensing System) is ideal for laboratories with multiple researchers who require easy access to more than one anhydrous solvent. There are three standard frame sizes which can be populated from 2 to 7 solvents.
  • The Pure Solv-EN system is fully enclosed inside a 90 minute fire safety cabinet which meets the performance requirements for storing flammable liquids.

The Pure Solv-EN provides the following capabilities:

  • Minimises fire risks associated with the storage of flammable substances
  • Protection of the cabinet's contents in the event of fire for a known (tested) minimum length of time
  • Minimises the amount of vapour released into the working environment and the retention of accidental spillage within the cabinet

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