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All-in-one detection of sulphur, nitrogen and halides with new ANTEK MultiTek available from John Morris Scientific

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Available from John Morris Scientific , the new ANTEK MultiTek by PAC is an innovative range of test instruments that combines testing of sulphur, nitrogen and halides in a single device.

The ANTEK MultiTek sulphur, nitrogen and halides detectors enable fast and accurate detection and analysis of unwanted chemicals, pollutants, contaminants and corrosive elements.

The compact yet powerful chemical detectors offer automated operation and are multi-configurable. The test instruments find application in industries such as bio-fuels, chemicals, food and beverage, manufacturing and assembly, medical, pharmaceutical and environmental among others.

Automated operation of the device offers key benefits such as speeding up sample processing, reducing the user’s exposure to tested substances as well as increasing test-retest reliability.

ANTEK MultiTek analysers detect sulphur, nitrogen and halides through a uniquely efficient process that includes Ultraviolet Fluorescence (UVF), Chemiluminescence and combustion Ion Chromatography (IC) technologies.

Designed for remote operation, allowing users to set methods and operate from off-site locations, MultiTek is superior to wet chemistry and XRF methods with its ability to work with solid, liquid, gas, and LPG samples, and providing lower and wider detection levels than competitive systems with excellent accuracy.

Key features of ANTEK MultiTek detectors:

  • Remote operation enables users to operate from off-site locations 
  • Bench top configuration with small footprint (51.5cm H x 53.3cm W x 61cm) 
  • Early warning of potential corrosion/ catalyst poisoning halides, nitrogen and sulphur allows preventative action to protect product and assets 
  • Multi-configurable operation allows users to select any combination of modules 
  • Conforms to ASTM D5453, D6667, D7183, EN 20846 for Sulphur detection, ASTM D4629, D5176, D5762, UOP 971, 936 ENV 12260, DIN 38409 for Nitrogen and ASTM D7359 for Halides

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