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Advanced Instruments’ A2O automated osmometers from John Morris Scientific

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The new A2O advanced automated osmometer from Advanced Instruments is a range of fully automated, multi-sample osmometers incorporating intelligent liquid handling technology.  

The A2O automated osmometers combine superior functional design, exceptional analytical performance and an intuitive software control package to offer powerful performance with simple operation.  

Liquid handling is a time consuming and labour intensive task in laboratories. A2O’s intelligent liquid handling technology eliminates liquid handling for users. Automatic sample processing also minimises sampling errors and improves test accuracy.  

Featuring liquid level sensing, crash detection, self-cleaning pipette and a simple fluid management system, the A2O automated osmometers deliver flexible sample processing while minimising sample carryover and cross-contamination.  

The A2O primary sample tube carousel has been designed to accommodate the most common sample tube sizes and low volume insert sample cups.  

The A2O’s intuitive and flexible software provides several benefits to laboratories.  

Key advantages include:  

  • Easy-to-use touch-screen interface with multi-language capability
  • Integrated quality control with password protection
  • Ability to set control limits for patient samples
  • Statistical monitoring and graphing of daily controls
  • Built-in linearity check
  • Search function to easily retrieve historical test results
  • Positive sample identification using integrated barcode scanner, with software control providing effective sample management
  • Customisable sample testing protocols for each laboratory’s unique test requirements
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