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ATAGO PAL-Alpha Refractometer from John Morris Scientific

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John Morris Scientific introduces ATAGO’s PAL-Alpha refractometer with a Brix measurement range of 0.0 to 85% and suitable for almost any food samples. The PAL-Alpha refractometer also displays measurement values within 3 seconds.

The PAL-Alpha consists of a temperature display and compensation range from 10oC to 100oC with automatic temperature compensation to allow the measurement for high temperature samples when they are being heated or cooked.

The PAL-Alpha refractometers feature a lightweight design that is compact and ergonomically designed for one-hand operations to help minimise the risks of creating unhygienic environments. The PAL-Alpha refractometers are water resistant, can be washed under running water and only require standard tap water for calibration.

The ATAGO’s PAL-Alpha refractometers can be used for outdoor vegetable fields and fruit orchards, indoor food and beverage facilities, fruit and vegetable packing facilities, restaurants and shops as well as schools and universities.

The ATAGO’s PAL-Alpha refractometers, available from John Morris Scientific, comes with a sturdy storage case and optional strap holder and works in bright sunlight and under strong external light sources.

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