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article image The Integrex MkIV series with Mazatrol Matrix control.

YAMAZAKI Mazak's Integrex range of multi-tasking machine tools epitomises the Done in One concept, with components machined complete in a single set-up.

With the introduction of the Integrex Series IV, this concept is further advanced.

Available from John Hart , the fourth generation Integrex series provides the user with a powerful multi-tasking machine tool platform from which to make full use of Yamazaki Mazak machining flexibility.

A key development on the series IV Integrex machines is the introduction of the Mazatrol Matrix control. This new CNC system enhances the capabilities of the machine, and the interface between it and the operator and/or remote production management and control.

Features such as Intelligent Safety Shield would not be possible without the development of the Matrix control system.

Among the developments is the ability to fully utilise 3D-CAD, utilisation of linear guides in all axes, and 0.0001 degree increments on the B and C axes. This, when combined with the rigidity of the machine design, results in even better positional accuracy.

The Integrex MkIV series features options such as opposed spindles and a lower turret with or without driven tools, capable of working on either spindle. Using the lower turret and upper tool station simultaneously for balanced cutting greatly reduces cycle times, improves turning accuracy and delivers higher quality surface finish.

Additionally, thanks to the innovative design of the lower turret, the same tool can be used to machine components located in either of the two spindles, reducing tool costs, the total number of tools required and improving productivity.

Other developments across the Integrex range include Intelligent Thermal Shield, Intelligent Safety Shield and Active Vibration Control.

Intelligent Thermal Shield has been developed to minimise heat displacement, the machine units producing the minimum possible amount of heat during operation. Automatic compensation for changes in room temperature, result in machine heat displacement of less than 10 micron with a room temperature change of 8°C.

Intelligent Safety Shield highlights possible collision points when a program is simulated on-screen prior to it being used to machine components. However, Intelligent Safety Shield takes this protection further with the machine being monitored when it is operated in manual mode, during tool measurement with the Tool Eye or when changing inserts.

All machine movements are monitored by the Mazatrol Matrix control, which moves the machine's 3D model simultaneously with the manual data inputs to check machine interference. Should this occur, the axis movements are stopped immediately, preventing damage to the machine and avoiding costly downtime.

The third innovation is Active Vibration Control, which reduces vibration in all axes during rapid accelerations and results in improved accuracy and surface finishes.

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