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Latest 2D laser processing machine

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article image The HyperGear 510 (HG510).

MAZAK's latest 2D laser processing machine the HyperGear 510 (HG510) is an intelligent 2D laser system that offers a wide variety of automatic features that reduces the operator's workload and provides optimum machine productivity and part quality.

The inclusion of multiple automated functions, unique to the HG510, sets it apart from its predecessors, and paves the way for more productive and cost-effective laser processing in the future.

Equipped with an automatic torch changer, automatic nozzle changer, plus automatic focusing and beam adjustments, the HG510 has successfully eliminated significant amounts of time over older manual processes.

The HG510 uses custom linear motors to deliver rapid traverse rates of 120m/min, with 3g acceleration on all axes.

The increased use of sensors, refined programming, read-ahead controls and new algorithms make the HG510 up to 20-30% more productive.

The result is higher cutting speeds to process thin, painted galvanised steel sheet 0.2mm, that would otherwise blister or catch fire, all the way up to 25mm steel plate.

To witness first hand this latest offering in 2D laser processing from Mazak, visit John Hart Victoria's showroom in Clayton, where a working HG510 will be on display this October.

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