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article image Productivity, efficiency, profitability.

MAZAK's innovative and automated laser cutting machine HyperGear, available in Australia from John Hart , offers one of the most intelligent and easy to use two-dimensional CO2 cutting laser on the market.

Focussing on increased productivity, efficiency, profitability, and a marked reduction in the amount of labour and skill required to operate the machine, the HyperGear is innovative as much as it is intelligent.

With automatically changeable lens, torch, nozzle and beam mode functions, the lack of manual changeovers means the set-up times across different jobs are now almost non-existent.

The PREview 640 controller and Hyperline Guides provide high speed performance with greater cutting control and accuracy. With a free traverse speed of 120 metres per minute, and acceleration at 3G, the HyperGear uses a predictive feedback system to ensure accuracy, because typical feedback loops are too slow for the machine.

The unique air-cooled linear motors and sealed covers are vital to the design of the machine due to heat generated by the speed of those motors.

The automatic quick changing piercing gun means the operator can switch between piercing and cutting operations, again without the need for manual changeovers, providing more significant increases in productivity.

A self maintenance system sees the machine identify and correct any cutting problems, as well as sensors that provide notification of maintenance needed on the machine, both present and in advance, along with part numbers and specific maintenance instructions.

The HyperGear can automatically cut a variety of worksheet materials in a variety of thicknesses, all without the need for a skilled operator, making this machine very appealing in an industry where skilled operators are hard to find.

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