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All purpose inspection of round parts

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PROFILE 25 from Brown and Sharpe (Australia agent John Hart P/L ) is a new flexible non-contact measurement system for the inspection of the external features of round parts. It is the latest model in a range of new generation, ultra fast measuring machines displayed at EMO 2001.

With a measuring capacity of 25mm diameter and 200mm length, the Profile 25 is designed for smaller rotation symmetric parts and brings the benefits of this non-contact technology within the reach of smaller manufacturing facilities.

The optical sensors of Profile 25 analyse the projected image of the workpiece and are not sensitive to material type or colour, or ambient light level.

The system has been developed with an emphasis on high throughput. The new high speed video processing technology affords a five-fold increase in the speed of data acquisition over previous systems, and measurement points can be collected at a rate up to 12,000/s.

Workpiece movement is controlled by a maintenance free, high precision, guide rail system which allows linear speeds of up to 150mm/s to be obtained. A typical part program with 30 dimensions will be implemented in less than 15 seconds.

The structure of the Profile 25 is radically different. The mounting points for all optical and mechanical components are integrated into a single light alloy casting.

This creates an extremely rigid structure which minimises the effects of deformation due to inertial loads and temperature gradients.

The high structural integrity of the system and attention to detail in the protection of the optical components result in a machine which is fully suitable for use in a modem production environment.

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