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One room pack units and spreader plates from John Guest Pacific

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John Guest Pacific  offers one room pack units and spreader plates. The one room pack unit provides heating solutions for conservatory or large extension rooms. The one room pack unit is pre-assembled and pre-wired to provide a fast and simple installation after the John Guest piping has been laid in the floor.

John Guest Pacific provides an underfloor heating solution called spreader plates. The spreader plates can be placed between the floor joists which are held in place by the specialised piping provided by John Guest Pacific. The same specialised piping is also used in a concrete floor system.

John Guest Pacific also offers a detailed installation design based on the floor plan. The Underfloor Heating System can be installed by a fully accredited installer of John Guest Pacific to ensure quality installation standards.

The Underfloor Heating System from John Guest Pacific is a hot water hydronic heating system. During the time of construction, specialised hot water piping is laid in the concrete floor or under the wooden floor joists. For installing Underfloor Heating Systems, John Guest Pacific provides a brochure which contains detailed information for the underfloor home heating installers.

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