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Mechanical packing and bearing isolators from John Crane Australia

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John Crane Packing by John Crane Australia is designed, engineered and constructed to provide premium sealing solutions requiring minimal amount of maintenance and adjustment. All John Crane mechanical packing is made of asbestos free materials. The asbestos free packing can be replaced without any difficulty.

Mechanical packing from John Crane Australia includes braided acrylic packings, braided PTFE//modified PTFE packings and braided carbon and graphite packings. Mechanical packing can be interchanged with most asbestos products.

Bearing isolators from John Crane Australia are designed to contain lubricant in the bearing and exclude contamination from the outside. This helps in increasing the bearing life of the product.

John Crane Australia supplies stainless steel shims for alignment adjustment. The shims are available in standard pre-cut size in a wide range of thickness for easy use. The shims are supplied in a standard storage case.

John Crane Australia supplies easily adaptable shaft to hub bushes. The FB bushes are simple devices which are designed to connect a keyed shaft to any hub. The bushes are available in a number of standard sizes.

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