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Professional car polishing tips from Jim’s Cleaning

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With today’s water restrictions, spot cleaning with a bucket and a good polish may be the best way to make one’s car look great. To help, the car cleaning department of Jim's Cleaning  offers some tips for achieving a great finish.

Polishing is the last stage in the detailing process. A good quality polish will not only look great, it will protect the paint surface for a long period of time.

Some tips:

  • Park your vehicle in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight
  • Select a soft cloth for polishing – cheesecloth or flannel is ideal
  • Dampen the cloth first and form it into a pad which sits comfortably in your hand
  • Apply polish to the dampened cloth, and then polish briskly in straight strokes, covering about half a square metre at a time
  • Depending on the polish selected, some polishes are recommended to be removed panel by panel, but the majority can be removed once applied to the entire vehicle. Check yours
  • To remove, select another dry cloth. Form it into a pad and polish off excess wax or polish, rotating the cloth as it becomes soiled
  • Carefully check that no smears are left on the surface
  • Walk around the vehicle with a soft cloth or chamois, carefully removing any smears or dust left on the vehicle
  • If in doubt, your local Jim’s car cleaning professional will be happy to dispense some free expert advice.

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