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Jim’s Cleaning featured on environmentally friendly list

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Jim’s Cleaning  has always used environmentally friendly products to care for its clients homes, but with the green movement upon us in force, it has been honoured for its commitment to being green in every facet of their business.

In addition to being featured in several green directories, Jim’s Cleaning is featured on the environmentally friendly list. This is due mainly to Jim’s Cleaning’s committed use of natural cleaning products such as citrus cleaners, chemical free microfibre cloths and a return to some of the green cleaning methods of times past.

However Jim’s Cleaning’s committed for the green cause does not end there, with a variety of water saving systems in place to make the best possible use of the precious resource.

Car cleaning and detailing arm Jim’s Car Cleaning uses recycled water sources as well as offering customers a professional waterless wash option.

And other divisions Jim’s Window Cleaning and Jim’s Pressure Cleaning also access alternative water sources wherever possible.

Jim’s Cleaning is working hard at improving every facet of its business to ensure a bright (and green) future for both industry and environment.

“Our chief supplier has been enlisted to provide a fully comprehensive ‘green range’ of cleaning products to compliment the existing citrus products” said company CEO Haydar Hussein.

“This means that all cleaning, not only Jim’s Cleaning, will have acceptable green options for every cleaning task and therefore no excuse for not matching Jim’s Cleaning’s commitment to our environment.”

“In addition, we are actively encouraging all of our staff and franchise owners to make their business entirely carbon neutral, and are investigating our options for making this mandatory.” Says Haydar

“Jim’s Cleaning wants it customers and the general public to know that green for us is not just a marketing angle, it is a committed value which we have held since we began 25 years ago. We will continue to break new ground in going green and to lead the rest of the cleaning industry to follow the green principles.”

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