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Jim’s Cleaning Group seeks Regional Franchisors

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With over 2,700 business owners nationwide and growing fast, the Jim’s Cleaning Group is now seeking motivated, ambitious people to fast track their success by becoming a Regional Franchisor, otherwise known as a Master Franchise.

This offers the right people a chance to build their own business while providing leadership and support to other franchisees. It is a rewarding career choice for those who want just a little bit more in lifestyle, income and success. And you do not need much to get started.

In fact, Haydar Hussein from the Jim’s Cleaning Group is living proof that you do not need anything expect dedication to succeed. In 1994, Haydar started his own home cleaning company, and within six months his professional service lead to the business doing well.

Over the next few years, Haydar realised that although he had the talent, drive and skills, building his business into a household name would be a long and expensive process. So what could be done to help him grow without sacrificing his high standards?

The answer was franchising, and in 2000 Haydar joined the Jim’s Group as a Regional Franchisor for the Jim’s Cleaning division. The standards of service in both commercial and domestic cleaning markets were a refreshing change for the consumer.

With Haydar’s passion a driving force, the brand quickly became a known name in the cleaning industry, and franchisees and to date, over 220 business owners are enjoying the freedom and lifestyle a Jim’s Cleaning franchise can offer.

Before long, Haydar saw that giving other good people the chance to make their own fortunes would be the key to growing the name to its full potential. He purchased the national rights for the business for Australia and New Zealand, and set about letting others in on the secret.

Before long, over 30 regional franchisors had joined the team and, like Haydar, were enjoying flexibility, great living and a huge network of like minded friends and colleagues, helping each other to be bigger and better in their success.

The Jim’s Cleaning Group is now ready to offer a limited number of people the same opportunity to become a prestigious Regional Franchisor within our group.

Jim’s Cleaning Group require business skills, the ability to manage and motivate others and a burning drive to make your business successful. Jim’s Cleaning Group will provide you with training, support and everything else to make help you grow your own master franchise business as big as your imagination allows.

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