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Jim’s Cleaning Group provides home maintenance services

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With over 2,600 franchisees, the Jim’s Group have known for some time the value in home services. But the Jim’s Cleaning Group (specialising in six types of professional cleaning services) have noticed a massive increase recently in the number of homeowners who are time poor, house proud and simply have something better to do.

With the increase in house prices and repayments, spending money on the upkeep and appearance of your home is now considered a wise investment.

More often that not, time on the weekend is now spent in home upgrades and maintenance which will add home entertaining space and value to the home, such as pergolas, landscaping and renovations, rather than housework.

The technology age has brought with it thousands of ways to fill spare hours, minutes and seconds checking emails on the move, holding multiple conversations online and working wirelessly almost anywhere.

More and more, people are spending what limited time they have left over at their home and with their family and in the modern tradition of making the most of every minute, the emphasis is on making sure this is quality time.

All this leads to a nation who need more help with basic household duties and home maintenance, such as cleaning, gardening and pet care. And they are making themselves heard.

Since the beginning of this year, the Jim’s Cleaning Group alone have added 60 new franchisees and in many cases are receiving far more work than they can handle.

In fact, in 2007 the cleaning group divisions have already knocked back over 3,300 new jobs.

It is a great problem to have, but it is a problem nonetheless in the lead up to Christmas, the company expects the work to increase tenfold so it is now looking for good franchisees to handle the volume.

The recruitment of good franchisees is another challenge entirely. However, as this desire for more quality time and a work-from-home lifestyle becomes a driving force in society, the appeal of a franchise-cum-family business grows for many and so the expansion of the home maintenance revolution continues for both consumer and provider.

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