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Waterjet cutting solutions through Jetstream

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Jetstream  is a waterjet cutting machine distributed by Glass Processing and Water Jetting . Jetstream cutting machines provide innovative Cutting solutions required at machine shops, factories and manufacturing companies. Waterjet cutting machines are functionally superior and cost-effective than traditional cutting machines like laser machines. Jetstream cutting machines are fast, accurate and flexible, which makes it as an right choice for the varied cutting needs.

Jetstream cutting machines can be used to cut glass, aluminium, rubber, foam, brass, copper, marble, stone, mild steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, hard wood, granite and carbon fiber. Jetstream waterjet cutting machines can be used to solve the cutting problems at all kinds of manufacturing and industrial applications.

Jetstream cutting machines offers flexibility in cutting with easy to design CAD programs. One of the unique quality of the Jetstream cutting machines is, they are environment friendly. Jetstream cutting machines use only water and garnet for cutting, therefore the waterjets produces no poisonous fumes or toxic gases while cutting.
Jetstream machines work on the basis of waterjet machine technology. Water is pumped through a small narrow valve at extremely high pressure, this mechanism makes the waterjet machine to cut almost any material. Jetstream waterjet cutting machines provides quality and functionally reliable cutting solution.

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