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Features of Jetstream cutting machnies

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Jetstream  cutting machines are functionally superior than conventional cutting machines in many ways. Jetstream machines are powerful, it can cut through 40mm thick stainless steel. The programming required for cutting is quick and easy to program, with a little bit of CAD knowledge, the programming required for specific cutting needs can be easily programmed. Jetstream waterjet cutting machines requires no tool change , which reduces secondary operations and thus offers fast turn around time.

Jetstream cutting machines can be used to cut almost all materials, this proves the flexibility of the machine. Conventional cutting machines requires heating, recasting or warping of the material to be cut. Compared to this Jetstream cutting machines are more innovative and requires no material heating.

The Jetstream machines are made from the best of technology available around the world. The Jetstream machines are manufactured by Shanghai Jinjian Waterjet Equipment, the post processors are Australian made, the motion controller is supplied by USA based Precision Micro Control Corporation and the drawing program is developed by USA based bobCAD-CAM. With a combination of all these technologies, the Jetstream machines provide a cutting accuracy of + or - 0.1mm.

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