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Vigilante programmable safety system

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JEMTECH has introduced the Vigilante SafeWizard software, designed to meet the increasing demand for user-programmable functions from purchasers of the Vigilante V65 safety control unit.

It allows rapid development of electronic safety systems for a wide range of applications involving emergency stop, safety gate, light curtain and other machinery safety elements.

The SafeWizard module is now shipped free with Vigilante VMS software licenses.

The user can select functions from a wide variety of safety modules ranging from simple emergency stop modules, two hand controls through to complex valve monitoring blocks and motion monitoring logic.

These modules are connected together to create a complete integrated safety system.

The design data is compiled and loaded into a Vigilante V65 hardware unit.

The safety modules are grouped together for the designer in "wizards". Wizards exist for press safety system designs, materials handling designs, and general purpose emergency stop designs.

Users of this system benefit from many years of safety system design experience that have allowed the SafeWizard designers to provide a comprehensive range of high level functions.

These functions are completely pre-tested and reduce the designers task to functional design and significantly reduce the risk component in safety PLC software design.

The new software system complements the Vigilante V65 product that is entering its fifth year as a leading edge safety product that is completely designed, manufactured and supported in Australia.

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