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Single beam laser safety system

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article image LASERSHRIKE SH-L534 single beam laser sensor.

THE LASERSHRIKE SH-L534 single beam laser sensor is a non-contact safety sensing application from JEMTECH that was designed for precision finger detection on long-folders and guillotines.

The new SH-L534 design upgrades the older and larger SH-L504. The new design is smaller and more mechanically stable. JEMTECH has developed low cost techniques for plastic moulding to effectively manufacture the devices at a realistic price.

The devices have effective apertures of less than 0.05°. This allows them to be used close to machinery or reflective surfaces and still correctly and safely detect intrusions. Detection distances in such applications may be as long as 12m. Maximum detection distances of over 70m may be achieved depending on the stability of the device mounting.

The system offers precision optics, coupled with Vigilante V65 control programs. It is suitable for various applications such as lanyard lines, entry-exit detectors, press-cavity intrusion detection and safety bumpers for theatre curtains.

JEMTECH can supply complete safety systems using these detectors, Vigilante V65 safety controls and its other safety components.

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