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Shrike series of laser sensors from Jemtech

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Jemtech  manufactures the Shrike series of laser sensors which have been used successfully on many long-folder guarding installations.

Jemtech is constantly engaged in product improvement, development and recently announced a new version of the existing model - the SH-L534 - to be designated the SH-L600.

The new model SH-L600 sports a redesigned housing fully molded from polyurethane resins and rigidly built around a steel mounting plate. This design significantly controls laser drift caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the mounting materials.

Shrike laser sensors now have a six pin plug allowing quick replacement by unskilled personnel should the unit become damaged. This is an important feature in busy sheet metal shops producing guttering and flashing for building. The plug is complemented by leads of one or eight meter lengths with four meter extension cables also available.

Shrike SH-L600 laser sensors use red laser light of less than 1 milliwatt output, ensuring safe laser use. They are completely compatible with Jemtech's range of safety controllers.

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