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Safety system kits for press brakes from Jemtech

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article image Vigilante/V4SX controllers

Recognizing the need for inexpensive safety guarding on press-brakes, Jemtech has incorporated a complete kit of parts required to guard such machines.

The new Vigilante/V4SX controllers recently announced by Jemtech provide many of the standard features required to make these machines efficient when protected by safety light curtains. These features include pulsing - 10mm movement of the machine when the light curtain is obstructed and muting - overriding the light curtain during the last 10mm of movement.

The controller is loaded with a ready-made application module specific to guarding press-brakes.

The controller also provides functions to monitor the hydraulic valves on the machines. This ensures that safety valves fitted to the machine are properly tested in accordance with the prescribed standards.

While the control unit will accept inputs from many brands of light curtains, the kit includes banner light curtains which offer easy installation and use. These light curtains also provide the ability to blank and area of the curtain which may be permanently obstructed by sheet supports.

The system is documented for general user installation. Jemtech can refer installers in all parts of Australia if necessary.

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