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SHARK programmable control design software from Jemtech

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Jemtech 's hardware and software based SHARK product is produced for building programmable controls for machinery and automation. Coming in a variety of bases, CPU and I/O cards enables users to build configurable and expandable hardware and the ICARUS software development system makes system configuration, programming and diagnostics of these systems easy, using simple visual tools. 

Jemtech's SHARK programmable control design software offering includes safety processing units, safety relay cards and safety inputs cards. The company has completed several custom safety projects with the new system, including various systems with over 48 safety inputs, six output safety controls and an array of indicators and a mimic panel.

A standard safety system is now available using these components that will suit all types of presses and folding machines. The universal program is available in two, three and four slot configurations allowing cost flexability and feature options. By defining this universal system, many installations will only need simple configurations without the need of computer setup. This eliminates the need for special expertise, and in the event of maintenance, removes the need to reconfigure or reprogram replacement parts.

Using the Icarus/SAFEOBJECT software, custom systems can be built. Jemtech aims to provide the configuration files for the universal module as well as a range of example application projects that users can customize for their own requirements.

The SHARK programmable control design software also facilitates the installation of regular control components alongside the safety system. The release of high speed position control and PLC cards are also Jemtech's plans to allow the complete integration of automation systems on its base hardware and software components.

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