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Robot welding cells from Jemtech

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Jemtech has been supplying safety components since 1997.

The robot welding cells are one of the many innovations introduced by Jemtech to the safety components industry.

Jemtech’s robot welding cells use components that enable a sophisticated safety system. A number of safety devices are active on either side of the welding cells when the robot is working that side with free access on the opposite side. 

The robot welding cells use:

•    light curtains for area and point of operation guarding.
•    VSX gate switches to interlock sliding access doors and sense robot position by providing non-contact, wear free switching of mechanical guarding interlocks on sliding and hinged doors.
•    Beacons to indicate the safety status of the machinery, the fault status of safety controls and in particular the working and muted sides of the cell
•    Vigilante /V65 and Vigilante/VANGUARD V4 controllers to provide safety logic.

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